Soccket- The Soccer Ball That Can Provide Energy To Impoverished Families Around The World

Check out this groundbreaking idea from Uncharted Play Inc. It is a soccer ball that harnesses energy as you play with it and works as portable generator. It has numerous uses for both developed countries and poor families in the developing world. The fact that hours of play can provide energy for those who use it is an outstanding achievement and now something as simple as playing soccer can produce a life-altering power source. Soccer truly is a beautiful game.

Check out their website and Kickstarter page below. I copied the ball specifications below straight from their Kickstarter page to give you an idea of how their ball is constructed.

Ball Specifications:

  • 6 watt output – capable of powering our lamp for more than 72 hours
  • Weighs 17oz – only one ounce more than normal soccer ball
  • Airless
  • Deflation-proof
  • Water resistant shell
  • Assembled in the United States


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