Manchester City FC 2012 Season Analytics

In 2012 Manchester City, in partnership with with Opta Sports (a sports data analytics company), released all the data they collected during their 2012 season for free. Their intent was to effectively crowdsource the soccer data they collected to be analyzed by individuals for any patterns or other relevant data which would be helpful towards analyzing Manchester City’s stats in the future. Of course there were rules and guidelines attached to the downloading of that data which meant anything these independent bloggers and statisticians found would the intellectual property of Manchester City and Opta sports but it was still a momentous occasion for soccer statisticians.

Stats in soccer is becoming an increasingly important part of soccer and although baseball is at the forefront of data analytics in sports, soccer is showing progress in the right direction. True soccer fans should recognize this growing trend and ingratiate themselves with the analytics of soccer. Unfortunately, Manchester City has since stopped offering the data but there are several websites and articles dedicated to providing some of the data they released and their analysis of it.  They are all definitely worth checking out if you are curious about soccer analytics. Below are the links I have collected both showing stats, analysis of the stats, and articles written about the data that was released.

Bime And The MCFC Analytics Project-

Bime Interactive Spreadsheet of MCFC Analytics-

Breakdown Of MCFC Analytics-

The Guardians Partial Breakdown of MCFC Analytics-

The Guardian Article On Release Of MCFC Data-

Opta Press Release-

Google Shared Drive Found Online of “Possible” MCFC Analytics Initial Release (since it’s no longer downloadable from MCFC website)-

Interview With Gavin Fleig, Head of Performance Analysis at Manchester City Football Club-

Forbes Article On MCFC Data Release-


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