Nigeria, Spain, Manchester United, Liverpool, Real Madrid and More Set To Visit USA in Spring/Summer

Soccer United Marketing (SUM) has announced a series of soccer matches titled “Road to Brazil” to be played from May 27th to June 10th around the US.

Spain, Nigeria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Greece, Honduras, Ivory Coast, Bolivia, and El Salvador are all scheduled to participate.

Manchester United has announced a US summer tour in 2014. That summer tour may be cut short if they do not make the champions League since Europa League starts in August.

Real Madrid, Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool, AC Milan, Inter Milan, Roma and Olympiakos will take place in the Guinness International Champions Cup  (ICC) in the US after the World Cup is over. The tournament will run from July 26 to August 4 in Charlotte, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, New York, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Pittsburgh, Washington D.C. and Miami. There is still one more venue to be announced.


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