Transfer Trends Revealed In Annual FIFA TMS Report


FIFA released it’s annual report of the trends in transfers around the world. It’s a pretty extensive report which you can download for a fee on the FIFA TMS website ( However, below are a few highlights:



• In 2013, FIFA TMS handled 12,309 international transfers (increase of four per cent on 2012) with a combined transfer compensation value of USD 3.7 billion (increase of 41 per cent).
• Brazil, with 1,402 transfers, was again the most active country for both incoming and outgoing transfers.
• England spent more than any other country on transfer fees with USD 913 million, representing 25 per cent of the total.
• The average age of players transferred internationally was 25 years and 3 months.
• There was an increase of 30 per cent in club intermediary commissions paid, but a decrease in the actual number of transfers involving intermediaries – only 14 per cent compared to 17 per cent in 2012.

(via ESPN)

• Nine countries accounted for $3 billion in spending; 14 more — including Brazil, the United States and Qatar — spent a further $516 million; the remaining $115 million was spent by 116 countries.

• 41 FIFA member countries were not involved in any international transfers.

• Of 12,309 transfers processed (up 4 percent), only 1,628 involved a fee. Out-of-contract players made up 69 percent of transfers.

• Brazil was the busiest country: 1,558 transfers involving Brazilian players and 1,402 involved Brazilian clubs.

• Clubs in Qatar, the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia combined for net spending of $110M, mostly on players near the end of their careers.

• Libyan clubs signed 107 players from overseas, many returning home after political instability.


(01.01.14 – 13.01.14)

Number of transfers [2013]
290 [352] -17.6%

Club-to-club compensation [2013]
26M [107M] -76.1%

Number of transfers:
Region IN OUT
Africa 43 30
Asia 47 46
Europe 120 141
North America 43 19
Oceania 1 0
South America 36 54

Club-to-club compensation:

Region IN OUT
Africa 0.2M 1.5M
Asia 2.7M 0.8M
Europe 15.0M 13.3M
North America 7.5M 0.2M
Oceania 0.0M 0.0M
South America 0.2M 9.8M



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