Q&A (Part I&II) with Commissioner Garber

Say what you want about some of the decisions MLS has and will make but Don Garber is the perfect man for the job. He has a deep understanding of the image he must portray both from the league perspective and for his own PR purposes and he does so very well. One thing he has made an effort to do is be as transparent as possible when discussing the league. Too many commissioners of the major sports leagues in America seem haughty and secretive but Don Garber has a transparency about him that makes you believe he has the best interests of the fans at heart. While that may be smoke and mirrors, at least it is more than what we get from the other commissioners. Therefore, I think we as MLS fans should appreciate the candor he presents to us. An example of which is these QA sessions he did with Sports Illustrated that discuss: a small-market final, expansion, NYCFC, New-era owners, scheduling, TV, Chivas, and several other topics. Take some time to read this and stay up to date with where the future of American soccer is going.






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