If You Are Looking For Job Security Don’t Be An EPL Manager

We all know that being an EPL manager is a very tough job. The coaching carousel that revolves around each team can get dizzying at times as the thirst for immediate success becomes paramount to “building” a team. Arsene Wenger may be the longest tenured coach in the EPL now that Alex Ferguson is out, but it must not be forgotten that there have been murmurs of him being on the edge these past few years before the fantastic season that Arsenal is having now.

In fact the article quotes an awe-inducing statistic when it mentions

Since the start of the season, 25% of Premier League clubs (5 of 20) have changed managers and the season is not yet to the mid-way point. Overall, more than half of the managers (11) have been at the helm of their current club less than a year and only one (Arsene Wegner of Arsenal) has been with his current club for more than three years.

In other words, if you want job security then work for the government.

Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/english-soccer-managers-sacked-job-security-tenure-2013-12#ixzz2nq4vEXLL


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