AVB No more

Everyone saw this coming…Spurs fans, Chelsea fans, even Porto fans. It was only a matter of time. The sacking of André Villas-Boas yesterday goes to show that its not easy to coach in the public eye, on the some of the hottest seats in football. Granted he was the youngest manager to go undefeated in the Primeira Liga and was the heir apparent to the Special One’s throne. That is a great accomplishment in any league. My apologies to the Portuguese Primiera Liga fans, but coaching in a top heavy league dominated by only a few teams is no match compared to the Barclay’s Premier League.

AVB supporters can say in, “But He did not get a chance to coach a full season, why don’t they give him that?” You may be right, I personally think that it takes at least one season for the players and coaches to match up and fully buy into each others ideals. However, when you are coaching for the likes of Chelsea and Tottenham, you do not have space to breathe. It is a fire-able offense when you don’t play proven class talent such as Frank Lampard, Michael Essien, or Ashley Cole during a Champions League match (while coaching for Chelsea) and get mopped up and down the pitch by what should be a weaker Napoli team (granted they did have Edi Cavani in scorching form). Its also a fire-able offense to basically ride Gareth Bale’s class play for a season and play pass the ball to Bale. Then, once Bale bails to Real Madrid, revert to a Will Farrell  pre-Ditka in Kicking and Screaming and say “Hey! who cares about Gareth, go have some fun out there.”

As the heir to the oracle Harry Redknapp’s throne, and just recently burned by your best player, AVB should have been out for blood. He should  have done everything he could to help new players like Eric Lamela adapt to the hardships of the Premier League. He should have been a motivator, corralling the players and fans alike, saying, “I got this. Forget Redknapp and Bale, its AVB time.” But in position as volatile as that of a main character’s role in Game of Thrones, one minute you could be the Lord of Tottenham, in the hearts of all, and the next, after a few bad decisions and poor results, George R.R. Martin could have a small snotty little pre-pubescent King born through incest chop your head off and start a war.

That is exactly what happened. Winter is coming Tottenham, best tread lightly, for if your next moves do not prove positive, you can count yourselves out of any race for the next year.

AVB Sacked after 5-0 home defeat to the ever potent Manchester City
AVB Sacked after 5-0 home defeat to the ever potent Liverpool.

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