Welcome Our New Bloggers

Hello to all of our readers and thank you for supporting our blog. As our blog continues to grow we have to be continuously on the lookout for other talented writers to bring onto our staff.  You may have noticed that our blog frequently leans heavily towards the English Premier League. As a result, we brought in two writers who are big fans of Italian soccer (Why they are I fans of Italian soccer still do not completely understand). This is not the only league they will write about but it will help us broaden our horizons. Once the Bundesliga gets off Gol TV hopefully we have more German soccer content as well.

So let me welcome Alberto and Steve. Both are avid soccer fans and players. Steve played in the USL and Alberto works for Opta and writes for Bloomberg sports. Instead of writing their bios for them I had them write them themselves so they could introduce themselves in their own words:

Alberto: A die hard Azzurri fan, hate it or love it the Italians do it better. Pizza, pasta, diving, we do it all. A hater of all things Juventus, and Maradona enthusiast, he brings you the best of nostalgia on #TBT’s and a little bit of daily soccer history knowledge along with insightful analytical articles he posts on the reg.

Steve:  Unlike your stereotypical auditor, this CPA wannabe can be found in between the pipes striking fear in the eyes of strikers as a rabid bear should or fearlessly paddling about the shores of Newport, R.I. on the weekends. This Italian animal will provide the latest from the likes of his beloved Roma and the Serie A to the mighty Hammers of West Ham and the Premier League. On a lucky day, you may stumble upon some random financial or historical facts that make this sport so wonderful.


These two writers will bring even more engaging content to our blog and hopefully help us reach newer heights. Be on the lookout for newer content and articles as we hopefully increase the output of the blog.


The93rdMinute Editorial Staff


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