Scouting Reports- Watching Soccer Through The Eyes Of A Scout

Soccer is a very energetic and frantic game. At all points of the game the players are each making simultaneous movements and every movement has an impact on the game even if it is in the most subtle of ways. A few years back The Telegraph, a UK newspaper, got their hands on a scouting report Andre-Villas Boas gave to Chelsea’s then coach Jose Mourinho, and coincidentally their current coach once again. It is an absolute marvel to see the detail AVB put into these scouting reports because it takes a very astute soccer observer in order to observe such minute factors on the team’s organization, movement, and tendencies. After reading this, many soccer fans will want to begin to see soccer a different way. If one could watch soccer like this then the beauty of the sport is magnified, like an art historian admires paintings much more intensely, so too will a more astute soccer fan who can notice all the little things that make his/her team function.

Below is the link to the PDF as well as a few other sites that make post-reports for soccer games that will help soccer fans truly learn everything that happened in the past games they have watched.

AVB Scouting Report

Soccer Stat Sites


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