Dempsey’s Scoring Woes


Clint Dempsey arrived at Seattle to much fanfare. However, since his arrival he has failed to score one goal. One would think such a prolific scorer coming from a top-tier EPL team could score one goal in MLS but that task has thus far eluded Clint. In fact, so frustrated are fans with Dempsey’s profligacy in front of goal that they created a site to record how he has not scored a goal yet (Picture above is a screenshot of that website.). What is wrong with Dempsey? Is he being crushed under the weight of the pressure of being the most expensive American player to sign with an MLS team? Is he he not getting the requisite service he needs to score like he does with the USMNT and did at Fulham and Tottenham? Maybe Dempsey has regressed more than many of us care to admit. Hopefully, Dempsey regains his scoring ways in the playoffs whatever is ailment. Not because I am a Seattle Sounders fan, but because the USMNT becomes that much more dangerous with a Dempsey that is on target then a Dempsey who is shooting blanks.



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