Canada Lining Up Bid For 2026 World Cup

Canada is reportedly said to be lining up a bid for the 2026 World cup according to says this is being reinforced by many who say Canada’s World Cup bid will be a welcome change after all the corruption allegations made towards the bidding process for Russia’s and Qatar’s successful World Cup bids. Canada would be a welcome change because of how untainted their international reputation is. Honestly, this seems like a great choice. MLS soccer is a massive success in Canada and their youth development programs are under-going a massive facelift. This World Cup bid could be just what the country needs to establish soccer as a major competitor to the enormous popularity hockey already enjoys. Also, as an American soccer fan this would be a very easy trip to make and it would probably be the safest country to host the World Cup since the 2006 World Cup in Germany.

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One thought on “Canada Lining Up Bid For 2026 World Cup”

  1. Why can’t the US and Canada host a joint 2022 World Cup instead of Qatar ruining domestic league play by moving it to winter? Mr. Blatter needs a bladder punch.

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