Check Out This Cool Tifo From The Sounders/Portland Game (This Took 3 Weeks To Make)

Tifos are not an american invention to football but it can be claimed that there are many American football fans who are embracing the art of tifo making with open arms. It can be argued that this tifo rivals tifo’s made by many European teams such as Borussia Dortmund and Galatasary, just to name a few. As an American football fan we should take pride in how the MLS is garnering such support from their fans that they are willing to spend so much of their free time just to add something extra to the home-field advantage/atmosphere. Click the Deadspin article below to get an inside view of how much time and effort it took from the Seattle fans to create the tifo (Also before I start sounding biased I want to remind Portland timbers fans that I know how elaborate and complicated your past tifo’s have been as well).


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