Great Sports Illustrated Article On Mario Balotelli

Love him or hate him Mario Balotelli is here to stay. He is one of the world’s top class strikers and he only seems to be getting better. The only thing getting in the way of the love of international football fans is his personality. Mario is seen as too brash and cocky, the type of player who scores an away goal and makes a point of celebrating to incur the wrath of the home fans. When he opens his mouth you are just as sure to hear something infuriating as you are something insightful. However, Balotelli is a great footballer and although his past is no excuse, his life has not been all money, goals , and glory. He has endured significant hardship as well, including but not limited to, racism. Through all his experiences he has shaped a very eccentric personality that at times has negatively overshadowed how great he really is. This fantastic Sports Illustrated article takes a look into the mind and personality of Mario Balotelli and much like his performances on the pitch, it is fun experience.


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