The German Blitzkrieg Must First Cross The English Channel

As football fans across the globe sit on their couches and bar-stools to watch the Champions League final there will be discussions about how whether or not German football has conquered Europe. For many fans German football has taken over the football world like the German blitzkrieg of old. Like the French soldiers on the Maginot Line, most football fans could not see this coming and now feel overwhelmed by the immediacy of German football’s prowess. However, much like the policy of appeasement that led indirectly to World War II, every football fan should have known how good German football isway before this Champions League final occurred.

      Ever since German football invested so much in their infrastructure they have been on a fast track to dominance. It was not a matter of if, but more of a question of how quickly they would do so. Anyone who has watched the Bundesliga these past five years have seen how good that league is. The problem was not that the teams were not equally as good as their Italian/English/Spanish counterparts. Instead the problem was that they did not have the international exposure to show off their skill. The wheels have been turning within the Bundesliga to increase its international profile but this Champions League final will do more in a span of a few weeks than Bundesliga could have done for itself in a few years.

      Which brings me to my overall point. Football, like history, is cyclical. There will be periods of time when one football league seems to be on top more than the others. It was not too long ago that the Serie A was one of the top leagues. Unfortunately, now whether it is wrong or not, the Serie A has definitely been lowered to fourth in the top four European leagues (EPL, Bundesliga, La Liga, Serie A). In the future the Serie A will reassert their prowess after they fix the problems they suffered because of the several match-fixing scandals but that could be years away. The Bundesliga is the flavor of the month for now but it must hold the title for awhile before it can take the title. Spanish soccer was the flavor of the month for the past few years but that facade has been torn down. The league is top-heavy and in serious financial trouble. They were never destined to hold the title for long.
      The English Premier League is not the popular choice for best European league. It is not popular because the English Premier League is the model of consistency. There is nothing exciting about the league because it has held the title forever. The league is relatively well-balanced, popular around the world, and incredibly successful. To bring in two American sports examples, Floyd Mayweather and the Yankees are always on top but it is more fun to discuss Manny Pacqiuao or the Orioles being the better teams because they are interesting and new that season. However, at the end of the day the success of well-established teams and athletes wins out because they are built to win. The English Premier League is built to win. Odds are that not every year they will make as big of a splash in the Champions League because it is tough to win in both the Champions League and in your domestic league. Chelsea’s success last year proves that the English Premier League’s Champions League success is not that far removed. In order for the Bundesliga to prove they are the new King Of The Castle they must prove they are dominant in the long run. Until then, the English Premier League still holds the title. The only thing preventing it from complete dominance is the sup bar performance of its National team

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